Achilles, the clairvoyant cat which predicts World Cup Winners

Credit : AP

Since Paul the Octopus won the hearts of soccer fans around the globe eight years ago, fortunetelling animals have been tasked with predicting World Cup winners. This year’s furry favorite is Achilles the deaf cat.

Achilles the cat, who is believed to posses psychic powers, proved his mettle on Thursday when he pegged Russia to beat Saudi Arabia during the World Cup opening match.

Credit : Alliance / sputnik / dpa / A. Galperin

The adorable cat, who is deaf, normally spends his days chasing mice at St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum, but officials call on his powers during major sporting events.

The cat predicts his victors by choosing between two bowls of treats with flags above them.
On Thursday Achilles was given the choice between Saudi Arabia and Russia and after brief hesitation dug into his home country’s bowl.

Achilles is the latest in a long line of animals conscripted into the sports results prediction business. Eight years ago his World Cup predecessor Paul the Octopus became a worldwide phenomenon after accurately predicting the winners of all of Germany’s matches at the 2010 World Cup.

Credit : AP

But who did Achilles predict will win the Russian World Cup final on July 15 this year?
The cute kitty is yet to make a prediction but Russians are already excited about what the future holds.


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