My Cat : Underweight or overweight?


Your cat is not getting enough to eat if it feels “bony” to the touch, has little or no fat on the ribs, and appears to “cave in” just behind the ribs. If chronically underfed, adult cats may experience damage to internal organs, impaired ability to nurse young, and increased susceptibility to bacterial infections and parasites; kittens may be stunted in their growth; adult cats may develop osteoporosis.

Ideal weight


Your cat is at an ideal weight if it appears wellproportioned, shows a moderate waistline behind the ribs, and has a thin covering of fat over the ribs and abdomen.




Your cat is overweight if it has heavy fat deposits over the lumbar area, face, and limbs and if there is an obvious rounding or distension of the abdomen. Obesity occurs in one out of four cats in westernized societies and is more common in older and neutered animals. Health risks include diabetes and osteoarthritis.


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